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niedziela, 24, październik 2021

Dear Players and Members

We put in your hands a new server called tactical
[SBSP] TACTICAL CROUCH ONLY in the hope that it will be for fun.
It is known that the game was nice and caused a lot of fun to watch on the server must have admin and apply certain rules to observe that very you please. Below is a list of these rules:

rule 1 - Running and walking is not allowed! only crouch position!
rule 2 - It is forbidden! moving in an upright position for an obstacle, changing position after pressing the C key!
rule 3 - No Second Chance Perk, change class!
rule 4 - "Arguments" with administrators are not tolerated! [Disputes should be resolved in Kick/Warn/Ban forums]
rule 5 - No under-barrel grenade launchers, LAW, RPG or CHINA LAKE! (Exception:GREAM REAPER, VALKYRIE ROCKETs and STRELA3).
rule 6 - No offensive, vulgar or racist words in the chat!
rule 7 - No bunny hopping or dolphin diving!
rule 8 - No spawncamping on any spawns!
rule 9 - No taking teammates' packages!

Recruitment on your server or your clan results in a permanent ban

For the latter , the servers also play younger users that's why the language filter , whose task is to control the expression players during the game server . I note that the use of vulgar words will automatically remove a player from the server.

Clarification of the rules :

1. Running and walking is not allowed ! - Means that are moving constantly crouch position. It is forbidden to also move in an upright position for all the obstacles, change of position only when you press "C"
2. It is forbidden to moving in an upright position for an obstacle, changing position after pressing the C key! - It mean that you can stand in upgright position in window behind the obstacle but you can't move for example move left right you can change position back to crouch and then move.
3. Second chance is not allowed ! - Do not use a second chance , second chance , last stand . You must change the class .
4. Discussions with administrators not tolerated ! - It should be understood that everyone has the right to disagree with the decision of the admin but do not express it in a vulgar manner . A box NOTES AND COMPLAINT - where you can make a complaint - all will be considered and not the right penalty withdrawn.
5. Grenade luncher, rpg, law , China Lake are not allowed! Exception: [ Gream Reaper , Valkyrie Rocket and Strela 3 ] - this means that you can no additives and rocket propellants directed against the players , is permitted only gream reaper because it is only available in a series of victims. All other launchers can only be used for aviation .
6. Vulgar , racist and hate speech are not tolerated ! - This means that each of the players who will use vulgar words or insult other players will warn or kick'a to permbana and will be removed from the server.
7. Diving , [ throwing himself on the ground under enemy fire ] and throwing on ground after run and bunny hoping [ jumping ] are not allowed ! - it means that you can't start run and then throw on ground when the opponent will start firing to us and also you can't jump or jump from short run at the opponent. ATTENTION allowed to throw grenades, axes, with c4 bounce but without the run.
8. Camping on the only respawns is not tolerated ! - this means that the player can not sit or lie on any respawn respawn only needs to leave so he can not sit or lie in a position to have all respawn in sight, but it can go through such a respawn.
9. Taking a friendly package without the owner's consent is prohibited ! - This means that you can not without the consent of the owner of the package and take it worse to kill the owner of the package and take it to him .

We wish you a lot of satisfaction from the game server and greet warmly.