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Clan recruitment rules [SBSP] CROUCH TACTICAL ONLY


1. The player should have played on the server 150 hours or 3 months playing on our server count from the time of application and at the time show manners and knowledge of the rules of the server.
2. Submit an application on www.sbsp.pl and wait for a response.
3. All proposals considered by the Clan Council - answers will be posted on the forum of the clan.
4. After the adoption of the proposal player will get moderator and his work and the frequency of your game server is further observation by all clan member's. [Min. 1 month]
5. In the case of objections to the attitude of the candidate, it may be a new deadline for the adoption of a clan or exclude the application of the recruitment process by which the candidate is notified.
6. After the trial period, the candidate becomes a rookie and has the right to put in front of your nickname small tag [sbsp] and is entitled to enforce the order on the server.
7. full-fledged entry into the ranks of the clan after obtaining full approval by the admins [minimum follow-up period is two months Candidate], the player becomes a cadet and is entitled to a big tag [SBSP] and gets full access to the zone [SBSP].
8. The waiting time can be shortened or extended by the Clan Council, depending on the situation arising out of the game and the behavior of the candidate.
9. All applications must be documented with appropriate arguments.
10. Promotions and demotions are fixed clan meetings held in the TS, and will be posted on the forum of the clan.
11. After joining the ranks of the clan, clan member is required to actively participate in the life of the clan (an active part in the website, and the server).
12. In the case of gross violation of the rules of the clan by clan member (walhack, offensive attitude towards the players, not worthy of representing the clan on other servers, lack of manners) can be removed from the server and clan admins at the request addressed to the Council of Elders.

We wish perseverance and success




Clan Levels:

1. recruit
2. Moderator
3. Admin
4. Full Admin
5. Senior Admin