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Every clan bearing the tag SBSP is obliged to:


1.The primary purpose of the clan is to play in a relaxed and cultural atmosphere that has us give pleasure and satisfaction and to give relax after hard work .
2.Striving for sparring with other clans and improving their skills in team play .
3.In cases of dispute communicate on TS3 , steam cheat or clan forum is not a public forum .
4.Clan [ SBSP ] was not , is not and will not be the organization of the military , paramilitary or political .
5.Any racist , vulgar or offensive speech and their dissemination are prohibited.
6.Leading recruitment to another clan , association or organization is prohibited.


1.Joining the clan takes place after the submission of a written application to the clan, and obtaining the unanimous support of all clan members .
2.Having an active email account and a headset with microphone and active application team speak 3
3.Completed age (at least 20years )
4.Willingness paying contributions to clan clan . The premium may be paid in two installments on May 30 and the second to the 30th November.
5.Acceptance of the Rules of the clan.


1.The right to wear the clan tag and worthy to represent our clan and other servers.
2.Policing on the server after by eliminating players who violate the rules of the server.
3.Assistance to players who visited our server for the first time .
4.Eliminating expressions of hatred, racism or vulgar by removing the player from the server.
5.Submitting applications tyczących promotion, purchase games , servers , amendment or other writing on the forum clan.
6.Participation in training and duels clan. ( In the case of a larger number of participants determines the order ).
7.Influence on the development server and the clan.
8.The possibility of obtaining promotions and features in a clan .
9.The ability to transition to the reserve at the request of clan (go to the provision does not exempt from the payment of contributions clan ) period of residence in the reserve max 6 months.


1.If you notice the use of the player banned for improvement , an Elders Council to block the player on the server.
2.Every clan has a duty to take an active part in the life of the clan (contests, news , updates ) .
3.The obligation to timely pay premiums clan ( in the case of non-payment of premiums clan will be removed from the clan ) .
4.If you make a mistake Sorry player who has been wrongly shown .
5.Playing on other servers adhere to the rules prevailing there .
6.The controversial situations - when we do not have 100 % certainty we consider for the benefit of the player.
7.Longer absences inform writing post in the section of absence / absenteeism .


1.The term of training is determined by all clan members .
2.Participation in the training is mandatory. ( Minimum of 1 training in a month)
3.Absences for training must be reported on ts or clan forum .
4.The matches are attended by members who took an active part in the training. ( First come first served and the number of training sessions held )


1.The contribution clan is determined on the basis of total cost divided by the number of clan members .
2.The contribution clan cover the following items:
- Maintaining hosting and domain .
- Keeping the game server.
- Server maintenance training .
- TS3 server maintenance .
- Prize fund .
- Maintenance and repair of the controller ( in case of failure ) .
3.Twice a year, the financial settlement will be posted on the forum clan clan .
4.In the event of termination of the clan and clan payment of financial claims financial surplus will be transferred to charitable institutions
and the settlement zamieszcznone online clan .
5.In case of cancellation of the clan payment paid will not be refunded .

1.Removal of Clan may occur in the case of gross violation of the Rules of the clan.
2.Longer absence in the game and the forum (no such telling more than 30 days will be deleted from the clan ) .
3.Absences for meetings and training result in degradation of 1 degree .
4.Vulgar or offensive texts posted on the forum clan result in expulsion from the clan.
5.About promotions and degradation determined by the Council of Elders .
6.All requests , demands and proposals addressed to the Council of Elders must be approved by the majority clan members ( Min.51 %).
7.In exceptional circumstances, a written request addressed to the Clan Council of Elders may derogate .