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Rules duels and sparring between the clans.

Move takes place in three maps determined by the two sides.
Two maps, select the hosts and one guest. The game is played either for a fixed
number of points or the time limit. You can play two rounds on one map or rotation
only three maps 2 are admitted changing the composition between restarts maps.
You can also play other game modes or just Team Deathmach, it's just a matter of
agreement between the clans. Move only in the crouch position, is allowed to
happen in an obstacle. As the camping is a form of tactical teams, are also permitted spawnkill.
Moving around with the targeting ofin the standing position is strictly prohibited.
Less than 50 % of the passenger team the opposing team is awarded a forfeit (3-0).
The winner of the duel will emerge final sum of all points scored during the game.
All protests will be processed within two weeks after the end of the match,
and after providing proof in the form of videos.

I. Equipment :
- C4
- Claymore
- Tactical Flare
II. Tactical :
- Grenade phosphoric
- Flash grenade
- Stun grenade
- Gas- nova
III. Offensive :
- Frag Grenade
- semtex
IV. Classes / perk's allowed
1. Atut I
- Ghost
- Frakjacket
2. Atut II
- Allowed all classes
3. Atut III
- hacker
- ninja
V. Extras :
- Prohibited nadelaunchers 
- IR scope
- Shotguns / masterkey
- The rest of the allowed such a silencer , extended magazine , etc. ..
VI. Weapon :
- All assault rifles
- All the machine guns
- All LKM
- All sniper rifles
- Secondary weapons: crossbows, pistols, tomahawks , ballistic knives
- All launchers are not allowed to use
VII. Series victims :
- A series of victims is automatically disabled
VIII. Team composition :
- 9 players in the team
- One sniper per team
- One CKM
- Mode observer is Off
- Lack of substitutions during matches Event
IX. Fight :
- Prohibited from departing from grenades and direct fire
- Prohibit the bunny hopping
- Prohibits the prone ( lying down when you're under direct enemy fire )
- For technical reasons a player can leave the game, but only he can during
duration of the game to return to the game
X. Readiness :
- Teams in the determination of his game tactics declare its readiness to play,
followed by a quick restart and players connect to the established teams and the game begins .

Rules are valid from 11 - 05 - 2014