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niedziela, 24, październik 2021

Welcome to All usersof our server [SBSP] TACTICAL CROUCH ONLY 

As you probably know was made on 19-06-2012 and has recently been made available to all players. Our assumption is that this server to play - THINKING HEAD - and not just run and shoot . Most of you comes into play not learning about with the principles prevailing on the server , and yet just type !rules to learn the rules of the game. In many cases, it solves many of the problems with kick and Warn and causes the game is enjoyable for All players, who play on this server. These correspond to the rules and playing on our server gives them pleasure . Therefore , the player breaking the rules will get a warning about their infringement , and constantly breaking the rules will get the kick . Informing him by other players or admins , do not run ! or enter me! rules or a Server tactical walk in crouched is mostly ignored . In many cases so that only a player gets Warn or Kick , then begins wonder what for? and why me - after all, do not run . In the case of endemic breaking the rules will get temp ban in order to get acquainted with the principles prevailing in the Server [ SBSP ] , and ultimately Perm Ban which prevent him from entering the server . Playing on our server and observing the principles will gain our appreciation and respect , a bunch of friends and acquaintances . There is probably nothing more precious than the respect of other players and Admins . Rank does not matter , it is important to be fairness to others and himself . There is a small group of us so we do not notice anything , but with the help of other honest players eliminate those who cheat and break the rules and spoil all the fun.

We wish you and myself to play on our server It made a lot of
joy to you and the least work to us.